"StitchSketchEx" is an application to design a chart for Cross Stitch/Bead Weaving on all platform: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.
It is now possible to design and see charts anywhere. Also using touches or stylus pen, it is more intuitive to draw or paint a chart.

I'll keep posting my progress on my blog.

System Requirements
MS-Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle

Design your own chart for craft works such as: Cross Stitch, Bead Weaving, Iron Beads, Knitting pattern, Color Knitting, Pixel Art, and more!
This is also suited for drawing "dotted" pictures (Pixel Art), such as icons in low resolution.
StitchSketchEx is developed by a creator of the popular software program "KG-Chart for Cross Stitch" and "StitchSketch".
This new upgraded version has more functionality and cross-platform support.

Features includes:
  • Draw chart with a symbol in a cell
  • Maximum chart size is 500 x 500
  • Vector Drawing (Backstitch, Fractional Stitch, Hardanger)
  • Generic color palette and Color Charts (palette) for: DMC(R), DFT, Anchor, Olympus, COSMO, Delica, Toho Best, Perler(R) Beads
  • Knitting Symbols (Amizu Kigou (JIS)) for designing knitting pattern
  • Rectangular cell size
  • Peyote, Brick cell
  • Drawing tools: Pencil, Rectangle, Ellipse, Flood Fill, Text
  • Selecting Tool: Selection and Cut/Copy/Paste/Rotate/Flip/Stamp
  • Edit colors and symbols
  • Convert your photo into a chart
  • Generate a chart in PDF for emailing or printing.
  • Organize charts with thumbnails
  • Can load legacy files including KG-Chart (sth/sthbw) and StitchSKetch (sthmb).

Copyright (C)2023 Keiji Ikuta / Mozusystems, LLC
All rights reserved.

  • The copyright of the software StitchSketchEx" belongs to the author, Keiji Ikuta.
  • You may not reverse-assemble, reverse-compile this software.
  • LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The author shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use of this software.
  • Please don't use this software for critical purposes.

Contact Us
Please contact us by email (kgchart@gmail.com).

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